Best Makeup School

For individuals who are passionate about style and beauty, a career as a makeup artist can be a dream come true. As a makeup artist, your job could involve creating dramatic looks for a magazine photo shoot, applying special effects makeup on the set of a motion picture or giving demonstrations in the techniques of makeup application. Whatever type of makeup artist you wish to become, your journey will begin in the same place. As a student in an accredited makeup school, you’ll learn the fundamentals of skin care and makeup application while developing the technical skills to apply makeup correctly.

If you want to achieve a high level of success in your career as a makeup artist, it’s important that you study at the best makeup school. In the best schools, students train for their future careers underneath the guidance of industry experts who are not only passionate about makeup, but also passionate about teaching. They devote a ton of energy into developing lesson plans, providing personalized instruction to students and making sure their students not only understand the material, but also know how to put their knowledge to use in real world applications.

Although classroom instruction is important, the best makeup school puts a huge emphasis on hands-on training. Whether they are working on mannequins or on clients in the school’s student clinic, students should be spending a significant amount of their education practicing makeup application techniques and perfecting their skill. Just like any art, makeup artistry takes a certain level of practice before it can be performed correctly. Underneath the careful eye of an instructor, students have an opportunity to master the fine details that define the work of a professional makeup artist.

In addition to having experienced instructors and a hands-on learning environment, an excellent makeup school will offer a comprehensive cosmetology education that extends beyond the art of applying makeup to include sanitation, hygiene, basic business skills and laws, regulations and rules pertaining to the cosmetology industry. Other features to look for in a makeup school include: